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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Friday was an extremely long day for me. I started off early with research and then I went to volunteer with Music to Heal. I was assigned to play for patients and I must say, I definitely prefer playing for patients than in random units (I think one of the nurses in the Infusion Unit hates me since I play "depressing" sounding pieces; I like pieces in the minor key!). Anyways, I get the occasional doctor, patient, or nurse, stopping by to hear me play in various units but there is a lack in genuine interaction. 

During this particular volunteer shift, I only had time to play for 2 patients since I spent an hour with each one of them! The first patient I met was recently diagnosed with leukemia but he's definitely a fighter; it's amazing to see how youngsters are so strong and optimistic about life. The second patient I met was an elderly lady who enjoyed the music I provided and she told me her life story! I love interacting with patients and I enjoy making them smile with music! Hopefully I get assigned to more patients :D

When I got home, I ate lunch with my mom and then Jonathan came over in the late afternoon. My mom usually takes my pictures however, Jonathan brought his camera so we went out for a quick "before the sun sets" outfit shoot. We had no idea where to go so we ended up at UCI! The walkway in front of my Physics Lab is very picturesque and I have been eyeing that spot for quite a while so he snapped some photos of me in that area! I love the dress in this picture since the style is simple and the design is eloquent. I decided  to accessorize with only a ring to keep focus on the dress. 


There are lots of bunnies hopping around at school! 



// Rebecca Minkoff Bag // B. Makowsky Heels // Chanel Sunglasses //

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