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Thursday, August 16, 2012

EDITED my photos, finally. The only thing I usually do is resize and highlight or remove shadows however, I decided to actually play around with this set of photos. I think these look much better than the originals which were quite bright since the sun was shining directly above me. I'm starting to take fewer photos since it's such a pain to filter through all of them. My mom used to take 600-700 photos per outfit in about 30 minutes! That was, obviously, too much so it's around 200 photos now, whew! Furthermore, I will make an effort to always keep my camera on me so I can document all the little things I do on a daily basis. I believe a quality fashion blog should not only incorporate outfit pictures but also snippets of activities or sights that occurred that particular day. 

It is just too humid to do anything; all I did was go to Physics lab. I decided to wear one of my most lightweight, summer dresses to survive the increasing temperatures! I got this dress when I started college (almost 4 years ago) and I've worn it once or twice. I purchased this dress at a boutique in Orange County... I wish I remembered which one! 

On another note, I should be more careful of the things I consume. My pancreas just started flaring up again which is an incredibly horrible sign for me. I will have to cut back on my vigorous exercises and resume eating healthy, leans foods. That also means I will not be eating out so often... I would rather play it safe and avoid all greasy, oily foods then wind up in the hospital again... Looks like I need to stock up on berries!

// Marco Santi Heels // Reed Krakoff Boxer Bag // Chanel Sunglasses //

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