Sunday, July 08, 2012

This was my Independence Day outfit! I hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July! Barbecuing, spending quality time with family, and watching the spectacular fireworks illuminate the sky. I must say, the illegal fireworks that lit up the night sky were much more entertaining than the ones at Disneyland. The theme park makes so much annually you would think their firework show would be more than 15 minutes long...

Anyways, I had my Physics Lab yesterday since it was cancelled on Wednesday. The classroom had no air conditioning, it got really stuffy and it started to smell REALLY bad. My T.A. went over the lab in the beginning and it took half an hour before we actually began actual hands on stuff- might I add, the information he provided was not helpful toward completing the lab. This is, by far, the worst lab experience I have ever had at UCI. No one finished since we were all cramped for time and there was just too many data points to collect.

After lab, my uncle, who recently moved to Arkansas from California, came by to visit. We went out for dinner at Oki Doki along with my two cousins and just caught up. My uncle says life in Arkansas isn't very active and there are a lot of farms... in the back of my mind, I was thinking about the numerous photo opportunities available and I asked if he took any pictures of the landscapes but he just stared at me, haha.

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  1. Great outfit! Love your bag! :)

  2. Obsessed with this dress. I love the pattern and colors.
    Just followed you on bloglovin!

    xo Jamie