Garden Party

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello everyone! I'm back to my normal lifestyle and I'm now on LOOKBOOK; don't forget to HYPE MY LOOK!

 I had a lot of company for the past week with my aunt, uncle and cousin visiting from Vietnam. In addition to that, my two cousins and uncle, who live in California, also came by! On their last day, we did some more shopping and then they went out for Korean BBQ. I, unfortunately, cannot eat any due to my pancreas so I opted out for sushi. Afterwards, I went out to buy peanut M&M's and 3 Musketeers for my little cousin and we were off to the airport. They decided to go in early so we could go home but we ended up being stuck in traffic for 3 hours! The Southbound 405 was closed due to some construction so we exited at Studebaker, drove around and eventually found CSULB. We then took PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) all the way home...quite a long drive! 

I wanted to take outfit pictures but my mom was busy catching up and shopping with her sister. My aunt spoiled my cousins and I with a plethora of gifts which will be seen on my blog in the near future. 

 So I asked my cousin and I must say, it was a complete fail! These pictures, however, were taken by my mom the day after they left (yesterday). This has to be one of my favorite dresses from Zara. It doesn't require any accessories since the fabric itself already provides "fullness" to the look however I  decided to pair this with bright orange sunnies, a bright pink handbag, and green sandals!



// Zara Dress // Marc Fisher Heels // Kate Spade Handbag // Dior Sunnies //

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  1. Nice outfit! Love the sunglasses! :)

  2. There are not many outfit posts where I just go 'WOW' at the computer screen! THis is gorgeous! not only is the dress beautiful but you've styled it really nicely - I like the coloured sunnies and the shoes - and the fact you've kept it pretty simple and let the dress do the talking! So lovely!

  3. Hi! I found your blog on the group on IFB that I created for personal style bloggers. I've loving your site so I've started following you ;)

    I love this outfit! Gorgeous dress and great bag (^_^) x

  4. Lovely photos! It really does look like you're ready for a garden party :)

    Cup of Tea