Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Terribly sorry for the time lag between posts! 

I went out to take pictures this weekend but I had absolutely no time to filter through them! I was busy doing Mastering Physics (Physics Homework) and studying for my Microbiology Quiz which occurred today! Anyways, I hate talking about how I felt the exam was afterwards because I usually jinx myself! Since I pushed Physics aside for about a week, I will commence my studying for my upcoming Physics midterm!

I will try my best to maintain constant posts. As for now, I am off to do homework for Physics Lab. Oh what joy. I just want this week to be over!


// Sunny Leigh Dress // Vince Camuto Bracelet // Adrienne Vittadini Bag // Andrea Sandals // Saks Fifth Avenue Ring // Dior Sunglasses // Jones New York Necklace //

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  1. I like how the necklace and shoes seem to match.

  2. love the dresss!! soo pretty! goodluck with all your physics things..i'm really dreading taking physics..

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  4. amazing blog, incredibly beautiful, lovely photography and great outfit!