A Scallop Full of Lace

Saturday, April 07, 2012

My hair was a complete mess when these pictures were taken so it looks a bit messy, asymmetrical, and big... Anyways, I bought these shorts about a year ago but I had no idea what to pair it with. I wanted to show my personality so I decided to match it up with a light weight top. The demure details of the top paired with lace shorts creates the perfect outfit! As for these heels, I bought them in high school and I only wore it once - to my high school graduation! It's a bit tighter now but I was still able to walk around in them. Onward to the necklace... I wore it backwards so the gold detail would be exposed. The "correct" side is completely black but I honestly think that this side looks better!

// Zara Peter Pan Collar Shirt // Kenneth Cole Necklace // Chloe Sunglasses // Rebecca Minkoff Bag // Enzo Angiolini Heels //

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  1. Love your blog....you look so beautiful x