Prim and Proper

Friday, April 27, 2012

Taking a quick break from studying to make an outfit post! 

Looking for locations to take pictures at is definitely a challenge. Sometimes I put in a lot of effort to choose a location does not offset my outfit but other times, I just want to find a unique looking spot. Lately, I find myself choosing business/corporate complexes. Yes, I take outfit pictures when there are still people inside the building-working. They probably think I'm a total freak for taking pictures in front of objects they see on a daily basis. Haha. Little do they know that these "every day objects" make remarkable backdrops! 

It is starting to warm up in Southern California so I might be taking pictures at the beach soon. I decided to take Physics Lab and Scientific Writing in the summer so I might visit the beach before or after my classes- it's only about ten minutes away!

I first wore this dress (by Zara) to the Melbourne Spring Fashion Show. I never made a post about this dress so I decided to pull it out from the back of my closet (:



// Zara Dress // Diane von Furstenburg Black Calf Rhiannon Block Heels // Dior Sunglasses //

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  1. I like all your photos in office parks, it's an 'urban chic' vibe!