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A Delightful Sight

Friday, April 13, 2012


I wish I got more studying this week but I have been quite busy. I walked across campus 4 times yesterday because I forgot my calculator in lab, dropped off things in my car ( I'm not a big fan of carrying loads of books around school), met up with people... Anyways, Thursdays would have to be my most dreadful days (8AM-5PM). I have a 4 hour gap in between, that is, if I don't finish Physics lab early, and the library is always full ): 

I cannot believe exams are already coming up! I have to go into crunch mode and memorize a bunch of things for Microbiology... I'm afraid I might overlook a detail that ends up on the exam! As of now, it is currently raining in Orange County and I have 1 hour until class. If the rain lets up, I might take pictures of my outfit!

My mom made this dress for me! I wore a similar one HERE but it was colorblocked as Green, Blue, and Off White. My mom and I are planning on starting an online website specializing in clothing and accessories so be on the lookout! We are still debating on a name but once we finalize our decision, we will start printing out labels and I will make a big announcement on my blog!

// DIY Dress by my mom // Chinese Laundry Heels // Z Spoke Zac Posen Zac Sac Satchel // Dior Sunglasses // 

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