The Scholar

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Please excuse my blogging hiatus! 

The past few two weeks were extremely stressful since I was studying for finals. However, I am officially done with finals for Winter 2011! I have a week off for Spring Break and then it is back to studying! I do not have a set schedule for Spring 2012 or Summer 2012 but I will contemplate over this next week! 

My plan for this short, but WELL DESERVED break, is to relax! I might apply for some scholarships, go shopping with my mom, hang out with my boyfriend, get a TB test so I can start volunteering, and on Friday the 30th, my orthodontist plans on removing my braces!!! I will definitely document this pivotal moment in my life with a plethora of pictures, haha!

It was extremely cold the morning these pictures were taken. It started with just the top from Zara and the skirt my mom made (it's actually a pencil skirt but I pulled it high up!). But I stepped outside, turned back into the house, tossed on the socks and the cape! 



// Zara Peter Pan Collar Shirt // DIY Skirt made by my mom // Hue Socks // Franco Sarto Oxfords // Betsey Johnson Zebra Bag // Chanel Sunglasses // Saks Fifth Avenue Gold Ring // Vince Camuto Bracelet //

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  1. awesome look! Everything is totally cool. Love it and i followed your blog :) mind to check out mine?

    Pudding Monster

  2. You look so adorably chic!! I love it and good luck in school. #IFB

  3. great cape!

    wanna follow each other?

  4. you look amazing all the time i swear! i especially love the bag :)