A Hint of Lemon Zest

Friday, March 30, 2012

I still have my braces on! Turns out that the X-ray of my mouth did not arrive to my orthodontist in time (he needed it before he started removing my braces) thus the metal is still in tact! I will be getting them removed in April though... Hopefully things go according to plan!

As for today, I was able to scrub in and observe a robotic procedure on a patient- so futuristic! Oh how surgery is such an amazing art...though my back started hurting since I was standing up for 5 hours straight! My back is a bit better now probably because I am stressing out about my schedule for next quarter- which begins on Monday! After much debate, I decided to drop my French Conversation class. Although I really want to improve my French, conflicting finals and constant group presentations will only cause me to go insane! I still need to drop one Biology class but I have no idea which one to keep therefore I will be attending both classes during the first week back from Spring Break. By the end of next week, I will decide whether I will drop Microbiology or Neurobiology and Behavior.



Isn't this cute?! Haha.

// Zara Blazer // BP Sweater // DIY Shorts by my mom! // Fiorelli Bag // Hue Socks // Tahari Boots // Chanel Sunglasses //

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