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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I caught the flu!  ):
  I have already gone through a box of Puffs and I keep getting chills...
Surprisingly, Theraflu has failed to put me to sleep- good thing! I am usually out within an hour of drinking it since it makes me drowsy but this time, I WIN!

I wanted to get my TB shot this week but I do not want my illness to affect the results of the test so I have to go next week...Furthermore, I will be signing up for classes next week! I cannot believe this quarter is almost over...

This black maxi dress is extremely comfortable! Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I walk fast (I pretty much brisk walk everywhere). Sometimes I take huge steps so the added slit on the left side of this dress gives me enough leg room to leap! I wore this on Saturday, right before I caught the flu ):


I Don't Think About You Anymore but, I Don't Think About You Any Less- Hungry Ghosts
Sounds a bit dark and gypsy like but it's very intriguing!  

// Kooba Bag // Chanel Sunglasses // Seychelles Heels // Betsey Johnson Bracelet //

I was debating on whether or not to purchase these pants from Zara. They're lightweight and perfect for Spring but I have no idea when I would actually wear it. I would love to wear it to school but then I would need to pair it with heels and walking around UCI with heels would leave my feet in utter pain... Maybe I could wear it during Spring Break? (:

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  1. loving it.


  2. I also love leopard prints. =)

  3. if you haven't, RUN BACK TO THE STORE AND GET THEM :O
    I obviously like them ;)

    I found your blog via IFB, if you have a minute please check out my blog at





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