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Potato Lover

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I survived the first week back at school! It felt amazing to be immersed in the scholastic atmosphere again. But after one week, I already feel behind. I am quite glad I have a three day weekend this week so I can catch up! I cannot believe that I am already behind! I have Physics homework due on Wednesday and an online Cell Biology Quiz that is also due on Wednesday! 

Physics is different this quarter because my homework questions are no longer book based. The questions are now based on concepts and applications which I must admit, I hate with passion. Anyways for Cell Biology, I now attend both lectures to fully grasp and absorb the material. In addition to that, I record lectures so I do not miss any bit of information!

As for the outfit, I found this jacket in the back of my closet and honestly does look like a potato sack. However, it is extremely comfortable and warm!

Mirror - Lil Wayne Ft. Bruno Mars

// Zara Sweater // Ralph Lauren Blouse // DIY Skirt by my mom! // Fiorelli Bag // Michael Kors Boots // Vince Camuto Bracelet // Chanel Sunglasses //

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