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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bonjour mes amis! 
This is the outfit I wore to clinic today! Anyways, after clinic, I decided to head over to the library to do some research. I eventually found the journal I was looking for and took pictures of the pages I needed; I was too hungry to sit there and read/take notes on the information.  Little did I know that it started pouring outside! I had to run toward the shuttle stop to escape the rain but I had to be cautious since I was running on wet cobblestone streets with heels! 

I will be assisting on a pig surgery so I might have a post in my scrubs tomorrow! 


Skinny Love- Birdy 

// Alberto Makali Jacket // Forever 21 Tank Top // Leifsdottir Skirt // Tulle Jacket from Nordstrom // Oscar De La Renta Sunglasses // Betsey Johnson Necklace // B. Makowsky Heels //

Skirt last seen in this post: Swan Lake
Jacket last seen here: Breathe Easy

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