Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas is EIGHT days away and it seems as if everyone procrastinated on their holiday shopping. Yes, I happen to also fall under that category.

Anyways, my 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli satchel arrived at Neiman Marcus and I have it sitting in front of me but it seems way too big... I'm pretty short so it seems like a traveling/doctor's bag... I believe it exists in a smaller size so I plan on returning to the store to ask them to order that one. I spent quite some time at Fashion Island and as of now, I only have my boyfriend's present completely finished. PANIC MODE ON!

As my mom and I were walking around Fashion Island, it started raining! I left my umbrella in the car thinking that it would not rain so my mom and I ended up taking refuge in a store.

I usually have my sunglasses on for my outfit posts since my eyes are so small but I decided not to wear them at all today since the sun was no where in sight! 

Les Souvenirs- Joyce Jonathan

// Zara Dress // Zara Coat // Michael Kors Boots // Scarf from Nordstrom // Saks Fifth Avenue Hat/Beanie // Saks Fifth Avenue Ring // Kooba Bag //

The Christmas tree in front of Bloomingdales at Fashion Island!

Grades came out yesterday and I did better than I expected! 
Last Quarter, I had two finals and midterms on the same day so that impacted my score since I had to balance Physics and Human Physiology. I crammed as much as I could for those two classes since the final for those classes fell on the Monday of Finals Week. After those two finals, I went home and attempted to study for my Art Final the following day but I was too tired. So I woke up and studied 10 weeks worth of material in 4 hours... 

But enough about last quarter! I will be taking Physics 3B, Cell Biology, and Research next quarter! I am currently on the wait list for Diversity in Medicine and Physics 3B Lab... hopefully I get into at least one of them! I'm aiming for straight A's next quarter (no A-'s!). I really want to increase my GPA to the max!

Dress last seen here: Feelin` A Little Brown

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  1. Love your dress and accessories! Specially that hat <3 so lovely

  2. This looks like Irvine, yes??? I'm from Irvine too :) Nice to meet a fellow blogger in same area hehe.

    I love all of your accessories. Where did you get the watch?

    Take a look at my blog when you get the chance and please google follow if you like at honey & silk

    I'm a fan <3 Steph L.

  3. Yes the Christmas tree picture was taken at Fashion Island! :D

    I got my watch at Stein Mart in Huntington Beach

  4. Cute outfit




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