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Hello Mr. Jellyfish

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hello Readers! 
I'd like to thank those who have viewed and followed my blog! If I gain more and more followers, I will make a Twitter and Facebook account for my blog! As promised, I have an outfit post to share. I was planning on dressing up but I woke up late so this is the ensemble I put together! Clinic started at 1PM today but I woke up at 12PM, haha. So I rolled out of bed, ate brunch with my mom, took some pictures of my outfit (yes, even though I was late I decided to take pictures) and I left to research. My blouse has pictures of jellyfish! I wish I took detailed pictures of it...maybe next time!

// Lacoste Sweater // Kanvas Blouse // Zara Trousers // Michael Kors Boots // Dooney and Bourke Tote // Chanel Sunglasses // Nordstrom Loop Necklace // 

Currently listening to:
Losing Your Memory- Ryan Star

Some dresses that are on my wish list!

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  1. great outfit, it would have been cool to see the jellyfish pattern up close... ^^

  2. Your shoes are gorgeous! Perfect for the cold weather! JS x


  3. I love your shoes and the mix of print in with such simple colors! Fabulous!

    Love always,
    Breckenridge Clare


  4. I love those shoes, they are to die for!
    Great blog by the way, I love your experimental fashion taste.