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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Don't you guys just love the atmosphere during Christmas? 
Christmas decor lighting up the night, chilly weather that requires a nice cup of hot chocolate with those cute little marshmallows, the opportunity to finally wear fur (in California), the hectic last minute shopping everyone does, putting up the Christmas tree and deciding what ornaments to buy or make, the Christmas movies on the television... oh the list goes on. 

Yesterday, my mom and I went shopping all day long! We spent the majority of our time at Fashion Island and it was crowded; lots of dogs too! I love how people decide to dress up just to walk around with their dogs. I will be spending more time there this holiday season and I will possibly take pictures outdoors!

Even with all this Christmas cheer, I believe everyone should give thanks to what we have. I know, Thanksgiving passed but I volunteered with the Recuperative Care Program today and it made me realize how much I actually take for granted. Think of all the homeless people, especially those who have medical conditions or those who are unable to walk, who are out in the cold alleys this holiday season while everyone else is in an insulated home with family and friends. Just remember to give thanks to what you have. 

I took this picture in Neiman Marcus but this picture does not do this outfit justice. It looks 100 times better in person. The lighting in the store (near the door) was off and my camera could not correct it...

After Fashion Island, my mom and I stopped by to buy some seaweed and mochi! I decided to take some pictures near the front of the store because cameras are prohibited inside.

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  1. i love your bag! mustard color is so much in trend this season.




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