Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday was pure madness. 
My mom and I decided to go early since Macy's opened at midnight and we assumed that it would be empty but OMG! Parking was scarce at South Coast Plaza and the shoe section at Macy's was horrible; we were literally touching shoulder to shoulder! I got sick on Thursday but I still decided to go shopping at midnight..I called my boyfriend and told him to come join the madness. He said he wouldn't but he showed up when I got back home!  Anyways, I  drank some Theraflu when I got home and slept until 2PM! When I woke up, my mom and I went shopping again! The parking and the lines were horrible, every store was a mess, and there were just way too many people in the way for me to comfortably look through the items I wanted. Even though it was hectic, we still bought a bag and clothes- can't wait to blog about it (:

And since BLACK FRIDAY is now over, it's time to put my scholar hat back on and study for finals! I have two finals on the 5th and one on the 6th so I have to start learning the material so I don't have to cram at the end. But then again, I usually stay up till 3AM before  each major exam...


// Cynthia Rowley Vest // Zara Sweater // Ralph Lauren Blouse // Macy's Necklace // Chanel Sunglasses // David Buffalo Pants // Michael Kors Boots // Badgley Mischka Bag //

Here are pictures I took at a local bakery! They look good but I don't know if they taste good :P

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  1. Thanks for making a Wikifashion page, I've inserted your image for you -

    We also have blog badges, if you'd like one?

  2. wow perfect outfit
    i love your bag,

    new follower here

    hope we can follow each other


  3. Oh I adore this outfit! I love that vest and those booties are just beyond adorable. You have great style!

    xx Melina

  4. I am in love with your bag and your vest!!!
    And, black friday was awful, you should have worked it.. not fun!!




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