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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Hello! I started my day EXTREMELY early but it was DEFINITELY worth it!

 I asked the people I research for if I could observe a live open surgery and they said YES! It was an AMAZING experience. Although I could not see much at times, being in that environment was just thrilling however, the OR can get pretty hectic. They first performed a laparoscopy where they took some biopsies which further led to the open surgery. They removed the patient's gallbladder and it was such a different experience seeing an organ in person as opposed to seeing it on television. Afterwards, they took some x-rays and performed a nanoknife procedure to remove the cancerous tumors on the patient's liver. I was able to stand in close proximity to the patient, closer than the distance in the picture below, so I actually smelt the burning of these tumors- It is a strong, STRONG odor. 

This picture is small but if you zoom in, you can see that there is a piece of tumor on one of the utensils on the sterile table. There's just so many names for the utensils... the one that stuck with me is the mosquito! I took my pictures far away since I did not want to be in anyone's way (: 

I then went off to school but I went back to research for a mandatory meeting in the evening- right after class! I have chosen to do my research on distal pancreatectomy & the Whipple procedure and its relationship to diabetes. It would be a great honor to be published or produce a paper that could potentially be included in a journal... Anywho, talk about a long day. My back hurts like hell but my feet are fine. Quite the contrary to what usually occurs. 

Until next time...

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  1. haha wow i came here from IFB to check out your outfits but this is also really fascinating! my best friend is now a doctor and she's told me so many stories about being in/observing surgery and it's nice to see some 'behind the scenes' images.. thankfully i can't smell anything, haha!

    (ps -- liking ur outfits also!)

    steph /




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