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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hello everyone! Aren't you excited about the holiday season?! Thanksgiving is next week but I only have an extra two days off whereas students from other schools get the entire week off! I'm so jealous, haha! Anyways finals are coming up and I am starting to feel stressed again. There's so much information to know and just not enough time to study. Thank gosh I have extra time next week!

For this outfit post, my new hat is featured in only some pictures since I bought my hat today! I immediately popped it on for pictures after my shopping extravaganza- the tag was still on it! Anyways, I believe this hat was an amazing find. I was so shocked to find out that its final price was ONLY $6.99.... I bought a lot more things today and I will be sharing it with everyone soon! Hopefully I have time to snap some outfit pictures next week! I will probably do more shopping on BLACK FRIDAY!




// Zara Peter Pan Collar Shirt // Highway Jeans // Seychelles High Heels // Macy's Style Lab Hat // Jimmy Choo Blythe Bag // Forever 21 Bracelet // Chanel Sunglasses // Betsey Johnson Necklace //

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