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Friday, October 14, 2011

Hey Everyone! I have been away from my blog since this week has been incredibly hectic. I thought this school quarter would be perfect and time management would be easy but I can see how wrong my assumption was. I decided to take two classes, Physics and Human Physiology, in which both the midterms and the finals happen to fall on the same day. The concepts in the classes are already hard and with the added time crunch before exams, the stress levels just rise to the extreme- releasing a lot of cortisol (This term and its feedback loop were included in my exam- Bio Majors will understand this :D ).

I took two midterms today and I wish I had more time to study for both. I will no longer be procrastinating this quarter because I am aiming for high grades...REDEMPTION IS IN THE NEAR FUTURE! I absolutely hate it when I exit an exam feeling that I could have done better if I devoted more time to studying or rather if I had more time to study. 

Anyways, this was taken quite a while ago before I left to research. I am currently working in the office so the dress code is business casual. Well enough of my daily rants... this weekend shall be filled be relaxation and I will be making up for my sleep debt. 


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  1. Haha I totally understand the cortisol feedback loop and working in a lab.. I've got my fair share in both. It's okay, as long as you have that degree and are gaining experience as in intern, you're in the right track. Biomedical is a vastly expanding field and compared to other fields, you almost don't have to worry about finding a job. G'luck with studying!

    <3, J

  2. Haha yeah... I'm just trying to get through all my classes and research... Thanks!




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