Hey Everyone!
Halloween is coming up! Any plans? I wonder if there will be a lot of Trick-O-Treaters this year. My neighborhood did not get a lot of little ones last year and since it's on a Monday this year, there might be less! Anyways, my Monday is going to be super busy with signing up for work, school from early morning to late afternoon, meeting with the research group in the evening, and who knows what else the night will lead to!

I took my midterm for Art on Thursday and it was projected onto the screen... But it seems like I cannot escape this testing schedule... I have yet another midterm next Friday in Physics. Fun stuff, no? 

I realized that I must do productive things with any free time I have to build up my resume. So what next? I'm still looking for things to do... possibly more extracurricular things that I actually find enjoyable. I wish there was a part time stylist position or anything in the fashion industry that isn't an internship and doesn't require a degree in that field. I want to, obviously, stand out from the rest of my fellow Biology Majors. 

Who says winter clothing can't have some color? Not me! (:

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92° in Autumn

Hello Lovelies! I don't seem to have any more time to keep consistent outfit posts but I will continue posting as much as I can! School is getting extremely stressful and midterms are rolling around again - I have one on Thursday! 

In addition to the added stress from school, I am thinking about where I should work. I was hired and laid off as a tutor due to stupid budget cuts in California! The UC Reagents are cutting money in the UC system however, they are raising tuition. Interesting, no? I am planning on sending in an intent to return as a Bio-Chemistry tutor (98)... hopefully there is enough space! I'm going to bother the advisers to see the statistics on that. If I am not hired, I will have to look for other jobs on campus... or I might sign up for peer tutoring! 

Anyways, I wore this to school on Friday - not with THESE heels of course. I would die just walking to my first class if I chose to wear any type of heel. I'm fine with wearing wedges to school but my feet still get a little sore as the day comes to a close. I absolutely cannot wait until Autumn actually kicks in. The sight of Fall just seems really distant right now. 


On a RANDOM NOTE: I wish there was a French Society or something that revolves around the French culture around my area. I would really like to practice communicating in French and building up my skills! 

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Breathe Easy

Hey everyone!
I felt extremely unproductive this weekend since I'm still recovering from midterm anxiety.

Anyways, yesterday was my 20th birthday! Although I aged another year, I do not feel as if I'm privileged to do anything. I'm still not considered an adult and I'm still not in the real "work force." School has basically been my life ever since I was 6 years old... However, I did a lot of shopping on my birthday and got a new pair of heels! At night, my boyfriend came over bearing gifts... 

As for today, I went shopping again in the morning and I just started looking at Physics until I decided to take a break to blog! My boyfriend has been asking me what I wanted for my birthday for quite some time now and I never told him... For material things, I would like a lot of things, but then again, which girl doesn't? But what I really need is to escape reality. Just for a bit. I'm craving a crazy adventure somewhere... maybe Big Bear... possibly this winter break?

My mom bought me a bunch of necklaces for my birthday and I decided to wear a Betsey Johnson necklace one with my outfit. My mom knows I love photography so she decided to buy me a necklace with a camera on it! I would love to pick up photography again... maybe I will! I just wish the work/study load required for school wasn't so heavy... 

My friend Stacy was spent her entire summer in Korea and she came back with gifts- the ring I'm wearing in this post was one of them!


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The Workaholic

Hey Everyone! I have been away from my blog since this week has been incredibly hectic. I thought this school quarter would be perfect and time management would be easy but I can see how wrong my assumption was. I decided to take two classes, Physics and Human Physiology, in which both the midterms and the finals happen to fall on the same day. The concepts in the classes are already hard and with the added time crunch before exams, the stress levels just rise to the extreme- releasing a lot of cortisol (This term and its feedback loop were included in my exam- Bio Majors will understand this :D ).

I took two midterms today and I wish I had more time to study for both. I will no longer be procrastinating this quarter because I am aiming for high grades...REDEMPTION IS IN THE NEAR FUTURE! I absolutely hate it when I exit an exam feeling that I could have done better if I devoted more time to studying or rather if I had more time to study. 

Anyways, this was taken quite a while ago before I left to research. I am currently working in the office so the dress code is business casual. Well enough of my daily rants... this weekend shall be filled be relaxation and I will be making up for my sleep debt. 


Orange Creme Popsicle

Hello! The first week of school is over and midterms are already around the corner - as in 2 weeks! My professors and classes are really interesting however I would enjoy it more if everything wasn't crammed into just 10 weeks.

I bought some wedge boots on Friday. I actually bought a lot over the course of summer that I have yet to blog about since I stocked up on an enormous amount of autumn/winter clothing. This summer weather better go away soon!

Anyways, I have two midterms on October 14th: Physics and Human Physiology. I mean yes I will stress but then again, it means that my weekend will be free and that Saturday, October the 15th, is my birthday! :D

I love this bag! 
It fits everything I need for school! I have been on the hunt for totes and I have quite a few now! I wish my classes were closer to each other and the time between them was longer. Why? Then I could actually wear high heels to school!

// J.Crew Top // Zara Polka Dot Shorts // Zara Belt // BCBG Max Azria Heels // Dooney and Bourke Bag // Chanel Sunglasses // Betsey Johnson Bracelet //

I volunteered today with the Recuperative Care Program and I am now confident with my blood pressure measurement skills! I remember it was hard the first time since I could not control the air release valve. I enjoy interacting with patients but I was a little bit congested today =/

Until Next Time...



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