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FNO 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hey Guys! 
As promised, here are some pictures I took during Fashion's Night Out! I charged 8 batteries for my Canon Powershot and they all died! ALL EIGHT! So the pictures below were all taken from the camera in my phone. I will post more pictures soon!

What's the first thing I did? I attended Saks Fifth Avenue's Fashion's Night Out Fashion Show! The clothes for Autumn look amazing... lots of fur, fuchsia, and sheer fabrics! Oh I forgot to mention.... I sat front row !!! (:

Too bad most of the pictures from the fashion show turned out blurry.

My mom bought me an FNO tee shirt !

Below are some of the looks from the night. 

Here is what I wore to FNO. I will have a more detailed post about my outfit soon!

I created an account a long time ago but I am finally using it !

Follow ma dernière addiction...

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