12 Hours of Shopping: Last Free Weekend

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hey Everyone! I started school on Thursday and the work load already seems like a pain. I have two midterms on October 14th, the day before my birthday, in Human Physiology and Physics! I definitely need to manage my time and use it wisely. 

My first class was Arts on Thursday and I met some people in there. So far, it seems really similar to the Music class I took. Listening to music, interpreting art pieces and weekly quizzes, hooray! Fortunately the midterm for this class is on October 27th!

On Friday, I started my day with Human Physiology. I came around 5 minutes early and all of the seats in front were taken! So I sat in the back which was quite annoying since people kept on piling in. There was a herd of people sitting on the steps and standing by the doors, no kidding! The maximum amount of people in the class is 332 but a lot of people are still trying to add. I definitely need to arrive to school earlier on Monday! Afterwards, I went home since my feet were killing me (I wore high heels). Then I went back to school for Physics and it was also packed. My professor got right to business and started giving us the "basics" of physics. 

As for today, I spent the entire day shopping. My ultimate goal was to find wedges that were comfortable so I could actually wear them to school. Some of my shoes are comfortable however UCI has a lot of hills so my shoes leave my feet blistered and sore! I was unable to find any that looked pretty and were comfortable so I came home without any shoes...but that doesn't mean I didn't buy anything else! I post up my recent purchases soon so stay tuned :D

My mom made this dress for me! It's a bit too short if I wear it by itself so I threw on a coat! I am planning on selling clothes soon- handmade by my mom! So be on the look out!

I am starting to develop bags under my eyes again ): Now that school is starting, they'll start getting bigger! This is a picture I took before I scurried off to research. 

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  1. Love those shoes! :)





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