Frolicking in The Garden

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hello! I have been busy upholstering chairs and just relaxing so my blog has been quiet empty. Thank you Jonathan for helping my mom and I paint and reupholster our chairs and table! Besides that, I have been doing a lot of shopping with my mom and hanging out with Jonathan! I will post pictures of our adventures in a separate post. 

I volunteered with the Recuperative Program today and we saw a total of 5 patients. The floor manager of the day was really nice even though I bombarded him with questions regarding research and upper division Biology classes. Due to patient privacy, I cannot reveal any names but I will say that one of the patients truly inspired me. He, I'll call him Joe, experienced a stroke in July that impaired the speech region in his brain. Although it takes Joe longer to inform others about his feelings and needs, he pushes through and is determined to get better. His room was littered with books and there was a Webster's Dictionary: Third Edition lying on his table. Even though his inability to communicate fluently frustrates him, his will power to get through this memory impairment is amazing. 

// Handmade Dress by my Mom // Green Heels // Kate Spade Bag // Chanel Sunglasses  //

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