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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I have been pretty busy this week. I had a doctor's appointment and well... I still went to my pediatrician. They refused to do a lot of the things I needed to do since I am no longer considered a child. I didn't have to to find a doctor so I went to a lot of random places to have my blood drawn and a vaccination. The vaccination left my entire upper left arm numb for two days...

I still need to do a lot for my research thing... at least I have a lot of time left!

My fire safety class was very informative. Too bad the fire stimulation device was broken... I wanted to take down a fire with a fire extinguisher! Maybe next year.

This is an old outfit I forgot to post...

Wearing two different pairs of shoes:

Harajuku Lovers Brown Bowed Heel & Franco Sarto Tan Wedge

// Chanel Sunglasses // Fiorelli Bag // Fishbowl Dress from Nordstrom //

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  1. Love your shoes & purse! Sorry for all the doctor stuff!





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