Tuesday, June 14, 2011

// H&M Dress // Rebecca Minkoff Bag // Kenneth Cole Heels // Bracelet from Nordstrom // Chanel Sunglasses // Ring - 50 cents machine //

Today was my interview with the doctor I wanted to research for and it went well! I was interviewed by him and the research coordinator. It turns out that the coordinator guy and I have a lot in common! He went to the same high school and he was involved in the Vietnamese American Philharmonic!

But I have to complete this packet to begin my research with the doctor and it seems seems like this will be an awfully long process. I am planning on contacting my university nurse to get a TB screening and then get a conformation of my immunizations. 

IN ADDITION to that, I have to read this lovely packet. The font got smaller as I flipped through the packet... I am planning to start on it soon! I cannot wait to pick up my highlighter again!

Oh, did I mention... I got in!

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