Currently listening to Undertow by Warpaint. 
The song has a calm and soothing tune that makes me want to run through a field of grass. 
I went to volunteer at the Costa Mesa Inn yesterday with the Recuperative Program and I encountered a patient who had pancreatitis- his was treatable though. 

This is the outfit I wore on Saturday to go shopping with my mom. 

I went home and decided to take a few more pictures with a different necklace and my hair down. This was the only picture that turned out okay... 

// Leifsdottir Skirt // BCBG Max Azira Heels // Charles David Bag // Chanel Sunglasses // Forever 21 Bracelet // Saks Fifth Avenue Ring //  

Intricate Design

I have been pretty busy this week. I had a doctor's appointment and well... I still went to my pediatrician. They refused to do a lot of the things I needed to do since I am no longer considered a child. I didn't have to to find a doctor so I went to a lot of random places to have my blood drawn and a vaccination. The vaccination left my entire upper left arm numb for two days...

I still need to do a lot for my research thing... at least I have a lot of time left!

My fire safety class was very informative. Too bad the fire stimulation device was broken... I wanted to take down a fire with a fire extinguisher! Maybe next year.

This is an old outfit I forgot to post...

Wearing two different pairs of shoes:

Harajuku Lovers Brown Bowed Heel & Franco Sarto Tan Wedge

// Chanel Sunglasses // Fiorelli Bag // Fishbowl Dress from Nordstrom //

California Dreamin`

"California Dreamin'" by the Mamas & Papas is one of my many favorite vintage songs. 
This outfit reminds me of the beach and the typical "summery" Californian outfit.
Very laid back and without a single care in the world.

Well.... for now. 
I will be extremely occupied next quarter. 
I received a phone call from the LARC office and I got the position as a General Chemistry tutor! In addition to that, I will be researching for Dr. Imagawa this Fall.

// See Thru Soul Jeans // Harajuku Lovers Heels // Lucky Bracelet // Fiorelli Bag // Chanel Sunglasses //

Lots of paperwork to fill out this Friday for research and my new job! I also have to take a bunch of online classes and a fire safety class!

I finished working on a dress but it didn't turn out as I envisioned it. I might have an outfit post of it as soon as I figure out how to make it more sophisticated.


// H&M Dress // Rebecca Minkoff Bag // Kenneth Cole Heels // Bracelet from Nordstrom // Chanel Sunglasses // Ring - 50 cents machine //

Today was my interview with the doctor I wanted to research for and it went well! I was interviewed by him and the research coordinator. It turns out that the coordinator guy and I have a lot in common! He went to the same high school and he was involved in the Vietnamese American Philharmonic!

But I have to complete this packet to begin my research with the doctor and it seems seems like this will be an awfully long process. I am planning on contacting my university nurse to get a TB screening and then get a conformation of my immunizations. 

IN ADDITION to that, I have to read this lovely packet. The font got smaller as I flipped through the packet... I am planning to start on it soon! I cannot wait to pick up my highlighter again!

Oh, did I mention... I got in!

In For The Kill

I currently like "In For The Kill" by La Roux. 
What kind of music do I like? It varies depending on my mood, like what I wear...but I do like a wide variety of genres. 

// Zara Dress // Rebecca Minkoff Bag // BCBG Max Azira Heels // Chanel Sunglasses //

I wore this outfit to lunch with my mom! After we ate, we went back home, changed and went shopping. Why did I change? This was TOO much for shopping and it started getting hot. The weather has been quite gloomy due to Hurricane Adrian. I could definitely get used to this weather! I really do not want to experience the extremely hot Californian weather since I will be required to wear anything that can keep me cool. 



My mom made this skirt for me! 
It reminds me of Paris which makes me really want to visit the Champs-Élysées. Someday...

// BP cardigan // Handmade Skirt // Franco Sarto Heels // Chanel Sunglasses // Fiorelli Bag //

My mom bought a tin of popcorn from popcornopolis 2 weeks ago and there is still so much left! I seriously could not resist so I snatched a piece of cheddar cheese and sour cream & onion. 

Oh, Gnomeo

Today was my first day of freedom and my boyfriend and I watched Gnomeo and Juliet!
 It is such an adorable movie! Today was also my boyfriend's 20th birthday...


My boyfriend and I just stayed indoors today- minus going out to buy food... so this outfit is a few weeks old. I will have more recent pictures up soon since it is SUMMER!


I am in the process of altering a confetti colored dress my aunt gave me! Pictures of the finished piece will be up soon!

// Zara Dress // Fiorelli Messenger Bag // BCBG Max Azira Heels // Nordstrom accessories // L.A.M.B. wallet // Chanel Sunglasses //



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