Freedom of Movement

Sunday, May 22, 2011

// Miss Sixty Clogs // BCBG Max Azira Maxi // Betsey Johnson Zebra Bag // Chanel Sunglasses // 

I went shopping with my mom today and finding parking was HORRIBLE. It was horrible not just because of the long wait but because of an impolite man driving a truck! I was signaling for a car and the truck, BEHIND ME, went in front of me, backed up, and signaled for that very same car! I honked but that did not stop him... UGH. That man.... BUT. I ended up buying a beautiful two finger ring that I will feature in an upcoming post and my mom bought new sunglasses from Chloe.

Last weekend of freedom.

I will be signing up for classes on Monday for Fall Quarter and it seems like I will be taking RUSSIAN!

(Hello in Russian)!

I wanted to take French but the final conflicts with my core classes which seem to be only Cell Biology and Physics at the moment ... I really want to take Human Physiology and Biology: Upper Division Writing but they are currently full.

There was also this class that sounded extremely interesting: "Love and Danger" which is in under the French category! But again, it conflicted with my other finals. Maybe Winter Quarter! I really want to improve my French! Even though I took four years of French in high school, I am not very proficient in speaking. My University used to offer French Communications but it isn't listed in the course catalog anymore. 

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