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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Midterms are next week!
I still have to buy some of my books for Environment... I already have the book that is required for my Mock Trial next Tuesday but I need to read the other two books for my midterm. 

I wore this outfit sometime during my second week of school. My Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are my days to dress up since I have either one, two, or three classes: one main class and the others are discussions! My Tuesdays and Thursdays are just long...

It has been windy in Southern California but meteorologists claim that the weather will start to heat up this week! :D YAY!

// Skirt by Leifsdottir at Leifsdottir // Fiorelli Bag from Fiorelli // Fergie Heels // BCBG Max Azira Shirt // Chanel Sunglasses // Gifted Rings //

I watched A Civil Action yesterday for my Environment class.
 Now I have to read the bestselling novel by Tuesday. It is an interesting movie but A LOT of details were omitted such as the information the medical, geologists, and epidemiologists presented to the jury. Oh, this is based on a true story.

 If I were a parent involved in the case, I would be furious at Judge Skinner since he asked the jury incomprehensible questions that determined the fate of the trial. Although Jan Schlichtmann, played by John Travolta, initially took on the case for money, he... I suppose you can say... "had a change of heart." I wish the movie was longer!

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