Friday, March 11, 2011


This is what I wore to school today. Finals are next week and my final paper is due in 14 hours. I am still revising my final draft! Afterwards, I have to do annotations and evaluations which are due on Monday, thank gosh! I plan on finishing the annotations and evaluations by Friday night.

I spoke to my Organic Chemistry professor today during office hours and we started talking about the most random things! He is really sweet! I'm really going to miss him (he is retiring at 77 years of age). I wanted him as a professor next quarter but he is focusing on his research for one last quarter at UCI. Anyways, I lost track of time so I was half an hour late to my BioChemistry class... Good thing I have acquaintances in that class who take good notes and record lectures :D 

I will be away from my blog until next Thursday since I am determined to get straight A's this quarter. My fate for lab is still unknown even though I took my lab practical last week. My writing final, my paper, is almost due and then I have two finals next week. I wish I had more time to study!

The weather has been really nice in Southern California. I am not a fan of the sun since my skin is very sensitive but I am definitely tired of the cold, clammy weather we experienced last week.


I was late to every single class today except for my Organic Chemistry lecture. I was twenty minutes late to my BioChem tutorial and half an hour late to my BioChem lecture. I CANNOT do this during finals week. I will leave my house an hour or even earlier due to parking, next week :D


Shirt worn as Cardigan: Zara // Dress: Zara (New Collection) // Heels: BCBG // Ring: from Stein Mart // Sunglasses: Chanel

My deepest condolences to the people in Japan. 8.9 magnitude earthquake seems near impossible but it occurred. It is expected that California will face an earthquake with a higher magnitude and a tsunami warning has been issued in the Santa Monica area. Stay clear of the beaches for now Californians, you definitely do not want to be swept away, literally. May Japan quickly recover. 

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