Harlequin In Heels

Monday, March 21, 2011

On my first day of Spring Break, I went shopping!
It was windy when I went shopping and the weather was pretty gloomy... so I was expecting it to rain but not as hard as it has been raining... According to meteorologists, it will rain for the rest of the week excluding Tuesday and Thursday. Hopefully the rain moves toward the east coast. I want to go outside without my rain boots and umbrella!

Harlequin dress by Leifsdottir // Cardigan from BP // Tory Burch Clutch // Fergie Heels // Chanel Sunglasses // DIY Hair Accessory 

Since I have been stuck indoors, I decided to watch a good classic film.
Gone With the Wind. 

Sure it is really long... but it is an amazing film. One of the best films I have ever seen. Watching this film makes me want to live in the 1800s... after the American Civil War. I adore their style and way of life. Everything was luxurious and sophisticated. 

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