Friday, March 25, 2011

I have been worrying about my grades during my entire Spring Break and they were finally released this evening. The outcome? AMAZING! 

I love my grades and I hope I can maintain it! Made the Dean's Honor List once again (: 

I definitely hope I can keep this up :D I was debating on whether or not I should take the same Biology professor for Molecular Biology (the next course in the Biology series) since he receives the worst ratings on ratemyprofessor out of all the professors... but I definitely am going to continue taking him since his test was not that difficult. If I did not cram all the material (memorizing pathways, intermediates, structures, etc.) the day before the test, I would have received a better grade on my final. But with the combined score of one midterm and one final, I earned an A in the class :D

For Organic Chemistry, I was depressed for the past two days since I missed two questions on my exam due to a misunderstanding of the reagents used for the reaction. However, I with my 2 midterms and final, I received an A in the class :D

To make my day even better... I received my CPR/AED license in the mail! I was worried that I would miss one to many questions to pass the exam, however I am now CPR certified :D I can now work at the Costa Mesa Inn as a Medical Specialist!

I will post an outfit blog tomorrow :D

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