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Free Flowing

Friday, February 25, 2011

Please excuse my goose bumps. It was windy outside.

For the past week, I have neglected almost everything non-related to school. I took my second Organic Chemistry midterm today and it was definitely harder than the first. I have a feeling my professor wanted the mean to be lower. 

It has been quite nice outside. Too bad it's raining tomorrow.

I am trying to get recommendations from my professors so I need to catch up on the material they are teaching in class in order to ask them questions during office hours. I will be going to the LARC office after my lab tomorrow to have my many questions answered. If they will allow me until the end of the quarter to get recommendations, then I will definitely become a LARC tutor by next quarter :D


// Pink Michael Kors Clogs // Chanel Sunglasses // Dress from Los Angeles // Vintage Belt //

I received my monthly issue of Nordstrom and found one of those fragrance samples. I usually try each scent since I am on the lookout for a new perfume. I came across Love, Chloe and it smells really good. I have to try it out with the bottle at the store before I purchase it but it's definitely on my list of perfumes to watch... or rather smell.  

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