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Thursday, February 3, 2011

My week has been extremely stressful. I took my BioChemistry midterm today and everyone was shocked at the exam. 50 questions. A majority of it was not relevant to material covered in lecture. Every little detail was on that test. How are we supposed to know how many Heme groups are in Hemoglobin and Myoglobin if it was not covered in lecture?! The professor clearly that the exam covers mostly lecture material- I suppose his "mostly" means not a lot. I studied my amino acids and protein purification etc. but what he sent out as a guideline for what to expect on the midterm was completely different from his exam. His practice midterm was completely different too. I wonder when grades will be released...

However, I did receive my grade for my Organic Chemistry midterm and I did extremely well! I hope I did that well on my BioChemistry midterm. Anyways, since I have been cramming BioChemistry Monday until now, I am 4 chapters behind in Organic Chemistry. 4 chapters!  My professor is rushing through all the chapters since he does not want to fall behind his syllabus. I really want him to slow down! The other Organic Chemistry professors are on Chapter 10 or 11... We are half way through Chapter 14. 

Well I can stress about lab now. I have to write my pre and post lab by 8AM. 

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