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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today was extremely hot and humid in Southern California. I wore jeans, a tee shirt, scarf, and my high heeled military boots to lab. I thought I was going to be late but I arrived five minutes early! Lab went by really fast today but we had to split up into groups. My partner and I finished within half an hour but we had to wait for the other group. Something occurred within their mechanism so they only got air through gas chromatography. My partner and I eventually took data and graphs from different people.

I went to the library to find more books about either Sir Frederick Grant Banting or Paul Langerhans. However, my search failed. The call numbers for the books led me to dermatology books.. I am debating on who I should research on: Banting or Langerhans. Both seem like interesting figures but I prefer Langerhans. However, I cannot find any print biographies about him...

I changed once I got home since it was extremely humid. I believe my weekends will be a great time to update my blog; I rarely have any more free time. 3 Day weekend! Anyways, I had an orthodontist appointment today and my ortho accidentally plucked off one of the metal pieces on my teeth. I was only supposed to be there for ten minutes but that soon turned into an hour. I actually fell asleep... TWICE! Seriously. Haha. I was incredibly tired.

// B. Makowky Heels // Necklace from Macy's // Chanel Sunglasses // Dress from Nordstrom Rack //

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