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Country Rose

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My community's rules are so strict. I cannot believe that "ACTION" nearly towed my boyfriend's car away on Monday. Supposedly one has to be added onto the safe list to be able to park on the street. We had to pay them $70 to let the car go lest the impound it and the price would obviously increase. 

First midterm of the quarter: Organic Chemistry. 

This is how my table looks like when I study for any type of Chemistry course. 

I must say that my workload is driving me insane. I have two essays due by Friday, Lab, and  a BioChemistry midterm next week. I have to pick up the pace and start working at everything like a mad woman. I cannot wait until Spring Break...just around seven more weeks! I still have to do so much shopping for my family. Maybe it's just me but I hate shopping for other people. Not in a selfish way but I just don't know what people like! My cousins want my mom and I to buy clothes for them but I haven't seen them in over 10 years! Lots to do this weekend.

My goal is to start studying for BioChemistry tonight and then get some writing done :D

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