Coming of the Storm

This is definitely what I wore today since it was extremely cold. I have pictures sitting in a file in my computer that I have yet to upload. It was raining for a bit in the morning but then it stopped, hooray! I went to buy windshield replacements, for my car and my mom's, with my boyfriend. We then went to the mall and there were so many people! More than the day after Christmas. I still can't find any Victorian Cameo brooches. I've wanted one since high school...

Aren't these pretty? I've tried many malls but no store seems to carry them =/

Zara dress // Charles David bag // Franco Sarto Wedges // Chanel Sunglasses

I love vintage buildings. Sometimes I just want to get in my car and drive around to different places.  

Sunnyside UP

J. Crew Shirt // BP Cardigan // Zara Skirt // Franco Sarto Wedges

I am currently listening to the Amélie Soundtrack and I suppose you can say that I have been daydreaming. The music is as free-spirited as Amélie. When one listens to the soundtrack, it is as if one is roaming free around France. The orchestra version of La Valse D'Amélie further enhances my desire to travel to Europe - especially France. I would love to visit Montmatre since the Café des 2 Moulins is located there! I have a secret desire to visit France by myself. I wonder if France is still as romantic and lovely as it was depicted in Amélie. 
Besides traveling to every part in France, I would also loves to visit: Ireland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, Greece, Italy, Spain, South Korea (whenever the tension between them and North Korea decreases), Japan, Egypt, Canada, and Mexico. These are just some that are at the top of my head! However, visiting third world countries and volunteering would be amazing. I would love to be able to visit  Uganda or Rwanda to aid the people there! 

Feelin` A Little Brown

I bought this dress right before Christmas and I completely adore it! 
I walked into Zara and it was on the mannequin so I scanned the floor and *bing* I found it! I tried this dress on along with a dress similar to this but sleeveless. The sleeveless one looked alright on me however this was was just right! 

I wore this to do some after-Christmas shopping today. I got to the mall at around 4PM and getting into South Coast was a pain but it was to my dismay that the parking lot was empty! I walked around but I could not find anything to buy! I went into Zara, of course, but the herd of people in there made me walk back outside... The line for the fitting room and checking out were both extremely long. In the end, I came home with nothing =/ I did eat at Vie de France with my mom (: 

I was surprised at how many people complimented my dress today! A girl complimented me twice because we were at two different places at the same time!  

Zara dress // Anne Klein Oxfords // Necklace from Macy's // Badgley Mischka Bag

I have some of the soundtrack pieces from Amélie for the piano and I have played some of them... I finally downloaded the entire soundtrack piece for the piano! I first watched Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain in my AP French class. I miss writing in French! I wish I could speak as well as I write in French! It's such a cute movie (: I actually want to try the travelling gnome prank! It looks cute (:

Enjoy the simple things in life!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

The wreath hanging on my door.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! (:

Zara Mustard Dress // Tahari boots // Badgley Mischka Bag // Chanel Sunglasses // Hue Socks

Green Tea Ice Cream

This is definitely not how the weather was like today. 
This is yet another outfit that I have not uploaded. I do not have any recent outfits since I have been wearing raincoats or just black. I would upload the pictures but the resolution is very poor. I usually wake up in the afternoon but I woke up early in the morning (9AM) to go with my mom and cousins to Desert Hills Premium Outlets. Each time my cousins come down from Australia, they make a trip to the outlet. My mom bought an adorable Kate Spade bag and a Jimmy Choo bag! I will upload pictures of them soon :D I will possibly be wearing them in my posts since the rain has ceased until Sunday...


So much rain in California! It was hot and sunny just a few days ago... I actually miss the warm weather. Here is what I wore today. 

I decided to wear this hat in public, finally. After a year of collecting dust in my closet, I decided to incorporate it with my outfit. 


Today was pretty gloomy but the sun did peak out for a bit. 

Blanc Noir Vest // Pour La Victorie Boots // Zara Shorts // Anne Klein Belt // Chanel Sunglasses // Franco Sarto Bag

I went out to buy ingredients to make macaroons with my mom. Although we bought most of the items we needed, we forgot to buy some key players. Haha. My mom and I were both lazy and we just wanted to see if we could make macaroons... so we decided not to go back out to the market. After a few hours, it really did not take too long (I would say 3 1/2 hours), my mom and I..... experienced... S U C C E S S !

I do not understand why everyone claims that making macaroons is such a hard ordeal. I have a few pictures, but obviously not too many since my mom and I were busy trying to get everything set. Oh, this was the first time my mom and I ever made anything... ANYTHING! 

I love visual aids. 

My pictures are very blurry since I was doing many things at once (:



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