I haven't updated my blog in such a long time! SOO much has occurred since my last blog.  I took my second and last Genetics midterm yesterday! Time is passing by so quickly. 

I was hospitalized AGAIN... third time now with pancreatitis. After my birthday and a day before my mom's birthday...
I tried to study for Organic Chemistry but it was impossible... the hospital is NOT the ideal place for studying....

I was discharged on Wednesday and my midterm for Organic Chemistry landed on Friday of last week. I was able to make the midterm, but I was not as prepared as I would have liked. 
Now my diet is stricter. I can only consume bland foods... oh well. 

No more shopping. I have been shopping weekly and I should spend more time studying. I can't let anything get in the way.

I had lab today and it is the longest lab of the quarter. However, my TA decided to show up 1 hour + x minutes late. People in lab bonded but I wish my group had more time since we completely messed up the filtration. Longest lab with only 3 hours to finish... my TA showed up sometime during the lab and she still expected us to finish it. Even though we started an hour later, my group managed to finish the entire lab- recrystallization, isolation, melting points, and thin-layer chromatography. 

This is the outfit I wore the day of my Genetics midterm. It's quite comfortable. 
I woke up with a sudden urge to wear this jacket and I paired these colors together to create a romantic look. 

Jacket: Susina
Shirt: J. Crew
Skirt: Handmade
Boots: Uggs
Sunglasses: Chanel

Farewell Summer

It's that time again... grab your notebooks and laptops and be prepared to face another year in school.

This bizarre weather is giving me headaches. I was driving home and I saw thunder bolts everywhere in the sky.  However, I do love this gloomy weather. Now I can dress up in fall clothing - my favorite season!

I cannot believe that the first week of school has already passed. I have a midterm in Genetics next week- the second week of school! This is, by far, the earliest I will take a midterm. This weekend will be dedicated toward finishing my online Chemistry homework, writing a discussion for lab, and studying for Biology. I shall put off Philosophy until after next week. Hopefully my discussion leader for that class doesn't make us discuss The Existence of Good, Evil, and God. 

The schedule up there was mine at the beginning of the quarter, but after attending all the lectures zero week, I decided to drop Introduction to Ethics (Philosophy 4). I do  not believe that I have time to read Plato's Republic or Utilitarianism. Therefore, I dropped the class. However, I still need to take classes in category 4 to fulfill my G.E.'s so I might actually take this class in the future.

Run Down of my classes thus far:

Genetics 97: Professor Yi teaches as a fast rate but he spends time on each aspect such as DNA replication. Hopefully the rumors on ratemyprofessor.com aren't true. According to this site, my professor is the hardest Biology professor for 97. Well, I will study as much as I can and see how I score on the midterm coming up this Friday. Never give up and prove them all wrong.

Organic Chemistry 51A: Professor King's method of teaching is effective. She is able to keep everyone awake since you are consistently writing and changing pen colors! Her teaching method is similar to my previous Chemistry 1C professor.

Organic Chemistry Lab: The safety portion of the lab took way too long! They make it seem like we haven't seen the woman spill acid on the other woman yet. The first experiment did take an extremely long time though. My lab partner and I stayed until 12:10PM but lab ended at 11:50AM. We used and broke so many capillary tubes... 

Introduction to Philosophy: The class seems like any typical philosophy class... so far I haven't really touched any of the material. I bought the books but that's about it. I will start soon but it isn't on the top of my priorities list.

Taking a break to make this:

Isn't everything on here just plain cute?

Pictures of my daily adventures will be posted up in the near future. Possibly after next week when I find more time to do things (:

Till then.



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