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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

J. Crew Shirt // BP Cardigan // Zara Skirt // Franco Sarto Wedges

I am currently listening to the Amélie Soundtrack and I suppose you can say that I have been daydreaming. The music is as free-spirited as Amélie. When one listens to the soundtrack, it is as if one is roaming free around France. The orchestra version of La Valse D'Amélie further enhances my desire to travel to Europe - especially France. I would love to visit Montmatre since the Café des 2 Moulins is located there! I have a secret desire to visit France by myself. I wonder if France is still as romantic and lovely as it was depicted in Amélie. 
Besides traveling to every part in France, I would also loves to visit: Ireland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, Greece, Italy, Spain, South Korea (whenever the tension between them and North Korea decreases), Japan, Egypt, Canada, and Mexico. These are just some that are at the top of my head! However, visiting third world countries and volunteering would be amazing. I would love to be able to visit  Uganda or Rwanda to aid the people there! 

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