Green Tea Ice Cream

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This is definitely not how the weather was like today. 
This is yet another outfit that I have not uploaded. I do not have any recent outfits since I have been wearing raincoats or just black. I would upload the pictures but the resolution is very poor. I usually wake up in the afternoon but I woke up early in the morning (9AM) to go with my mom and cousins to Desert Hills Premium Outlets. Each time my cousins come down from Australia, they make a trip to the outlet. My mom bought an adorable Kate Spade bag and a Jimmy Choo bag! I will upload pictures of them soon :D I will possibly be wearing them in my posts since the rain has ceased until Sunday...

Zara Blazer // Forever 21 Blouse // Marc Fisher Oxfords // Chanel Sunglasses

Afterwards, my cousin-in-law's cousin? (I have no idea how they are related) drove us all to Kokoro Sushi yet again (: He has been driving us all over the place- no rest! We started talking about family ties and I am my cousin-in-law's distant cousin... 

I might have a mini family reunion tomorrow night. My cousin, cousin-in-law, and his cousin will be departing to San Diego and Las Vegas the day after tomorrow. So we might just all go out to eat tomorrow along with my uncle and his sons. Not too sure if my mom and I will be coming along but we'll just have to wait and see!

I did not have a chance to take pictures of the green tea ice cream I had at Kokoro since I was busy eating it (: But it was GOOD.

I found some pictures of food I ate in the past that I did not post: 

Grilled Chicken Salad in a Bread Bowl at Vie de France

My mom said that this little ghoul was delicious... well the cake part - not the ghostly figure itself.

Spinach soup and tuna sandwich at Vie de France.
I know they both might sound/look gross but they are amazingly delicious! I wish I could eat these again...maybe someday!

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