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Saturday, November 06, 2010

The weather in California has been bizarre. It's autumn yet the weather is + 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It was never this hot during summer. I am not very fond of hot weather since it's disturbingly humid in Orange County (now...wasn't like this previously). At least it'll be cool next week... it's raining on Sunday :D

School work is piling up fast. I have a midterm in 2 weeks and a lab presentation. So much to catch up on this weekend. I also have to write two essays for Philosophy due Monday... This class is definitely harder than I expected. I know that understanding Philosophy is hard... but not this hard. I understand the readings and lecture yet I can't explicate it throughly in my essays. I'm aiming for an A with the essays due Monday. 

Chem is moving by fast... so much to know and my molecular  model kit is with me all the time now! I'll take pictures of them sometime... Chem lab is interesting though. I meet new people each lab period. Lab this week was went smoothly though. THANK GOSH! Presentations took an hour but the lab itself took only 2 hours. Fractional distillation is actually fun (: My other team mates had the easier portion... simple distillation.

Simple Distillation

Fractional Distillation:
My team and I were so happy when the Unknown began to condense. We were shouting and the entire class looked over toward our fume hood. We were the first ones to obtain vapors from the unknown.

For Genetics, I miss Professor Yi. His method of teaching is much more effective than Professor Bardwell's. I miss explanations about why things occurred and practice midterms! I don't know what to expect from Professor Bardwell...

Enough about school for now. 
My outfit:
I wanted to wear this LBD so I decided to  pair it with socks and opaque tights and high heeled oxfords. I was complimented about my outfit a lot during school (9AM-X) I forgot when I wore this outfit... I would have added a pop of color to my heels but the other ones aren't school appropriate. Especially if one would have to walk up and down VERY STEEP hills to get to each class.

Dress: Zara
Socks: Charter Club
Shoes: Marc Fisher
Ring: Nordstrom 
Sunglasses: Chanel

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