Statue of Liberty

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh Lady Liberty. So pretty up close.
Too bad I couldn't climb the flight of stairs... I did not know that you had to register 3 week prior to the day you would like to visit; they have to do a background check. It is a hassle but it's for our own safety. What happened to the World Trade Center should not happen again to America or rather any country.

Ma famille. 
Me, my mom, my aunt, my uncle & their sons.
The gentleman toward the right of the picture seems as if he is acting out a scene from Shakespeare- or proposing!

I was absolutely terrified when I saw this. My family and I were walking around the Statue of Liberty and I was taking random pictures... I turned around and was shocked. I'm pretty sure I made a loud gasp. I was pointing and shouting look to my family-then I started taking pictures. The cop on the ground said that it was nothing so I was a bit relieved but looking back at the picture, it doesn't seem like it was just "nothing." 

I would upload more pictures but I'm deciding to keep it at the bare minimum. 
I don't have any recent pictures so I will still be updating my blog with my adventures from New Jersey and Philadelphia.

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