Remember the Day...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It was just nine years ago that America was attacked by terrorists. 
I believe that this cross serves as a powerful symbol toward the hope America possesses. 
The power Americans have to move on from the attack illustrates as unwillingness to give up.

The air was filled with sadness as tourists and mourners gathered around Ground Zero. 
I cannot begin to imagine how the people around the area felt as the airplanes hit the Twin Towers. 

I was unaware that a fire station was located directly across Ground Zero. By directly across, I mean 10-15 steps from the barricaded area of the WTC.

Even though I did not lose a loved one in the attack, I was affected by the site. It must be extremely hard for those who lost the ones the cared for most in such a horrid event.

More pictures of my New York trip will be uploaded soon. 
I have a lot of pictures and uploading them into one blog would make the blog run for quite some time.

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