Ocean City

Saturday, September 11, 2010

For my last day in New Jersey, my uncle and aunt took my mom and I to Ocean City. I remember coming to this "amusement park" as a child...but that was oh so long ago. 
I miss being a child. 
Not a worry in the world.
Riding rides until the tickets ran out.

I am back home and I have a horrible tan. I was afraid that I would get a sunglass tan! Fortunately, I didn't. New Jersey is very green. More pictures will be uploaded later. 

I was constantly reminded of my boyfriend during my vacation. I want to go onto a ferris wheel with my boyfriend but we haven't been to any fairs or amusement parks with a ferris wheel. This ferris wheel however, was extremely tall!

I was looking for macaroons everywhere but the stores only made the original coconut macaroons =/

I thought it was interesting how people had to pay to be able to use the beach. Based on my observation, one would have to buy a beach tag to be able to use the beach/access the ocean. The entire state constantly draws money from it's residents... tolls, high property taxes, and fees to use what California would call, "public facilities." I guess the only benefit I saw was the no tax on clothes!

I wish I could have tried their Taffy but if I did, it would just end in a mess since I have braces!


This reminded me of home. 
OC: Ocean City <--> Orange County

The funnel cake was actually good!

More pictures later...

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