From New York with Love

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I miss this already.
Buildings blocking out the sun.
People everywhere.
The city that never sleeps.
I will be back for more...

I would have stayed in New York longer if the ferries went day and night. Unfortunately, the last ferry back home left at 7-8pm? I forgot... but it cut my sightseeing short. I would love to live in New York someday or rather work in New York and live off in Long Island or The Hamptons. If only money was easy to grasp.

My tired feet... walked all about Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, and New York.
 More pictures of my adventures will be uploaded soon!

The cutest police car I have ever seen!

I never realized that Alexander Hamilton was buried in New York.

Tired smile!

A taxi came dashing through this street just moments after I ran back onto the sidewalk!

I was wondering why people were gathered over "there" and then I saw the bull's butt.

The sightseeing bus is behind me! It was extremely windy in New York!

He's a good saxophone player!

More pictures later!

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