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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I am officially done with my first year of college! I took my finals for Anthropology and Math today...I must say that they were pretty decent. I haven't had the time to update my blog since I have been studying for my classes. I should spend more time studying for my general education classes though. I usually do the required reading and set it aside until the day of the test... last night I only received two hours of sleep... I spent the majority of my day yesterday studying for math and from 1am until whenever I fell asleep was dedicated to Anthropology.

Five weeks of summer until school starts (: Time to relax! I was planning to tutor over the summer at school but the prerequisite class I need isn't offered in the summer so I will have to start during the school year. I want to tutor in Chemistry and Math! We'll see what happens... I also have to start research. I am planning on researching on gastroenterology .

Here are the pictures for the CHICtopia Remix:

Outfit one:

In this look, I took off the lace to make this dress suitable for the daytime. I chose to pair this dress with a belt because it felt too plain without it. The belt makes a statement by itself and it enhances your own curves. I work a black necklace to keep the dress as the main focal point of attention. Although I could have worn a bold and bright necklace, I did not want to allow peoples’ eyes to wander away from the outfit and toward the necklace only. I kept my pearl bracelet on too maintain the classy look and I am also wearing a watch with this outfit to give it the “work” feeling. As for my shoes, I wanted to keep it plain and effortless by wearing pointed high heels; it’s comfortable and chic at the same time. To complete my look I am holding a black purse with a scarf tied around it. The scarf turns the boring black bag into something that seems high-fashion. This outfit has no “eye-popping colors because I wanted to retain the classy and elegant look the little black dress possesses.

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