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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hand made dress by my mom !

This is what I wore on Monday, to my first final this quarter- Social Science. I took my last final today for Chemistry and I thought that it was do-able. I finished the entire exam in forty minutes therefore my natural thought was "how is this possible?" I stayed for the entire two hour exam period to check my exam... I ended up checking my exam 3 times... Overall, I did the best that I could and well, my fate rests in my professor's hands... and I am now done! I have a one and a half week of summer until summer school starts... Yes, that's right, I decided to take summer classes to help me get an earlier enrollment window! Math 2B and Anthropology 2A, BRING IT. I bought my required textbooks and I will start reviewing math tomorrow... I haven't touched "real" math in over a year...

About the look:

My mom and I were browsing at Jo-Ann Fabrics for random cloths and we found a lot. We also discovered a Jo-Ann's impostor in Anaheim. It is seriously ten times as big as the Jo-Ann's in the Huntington Beach/Fountain Valley area. I do not remember the name but it has the same layout as Jo-Ann's. We found a plethora of fabric and my mom produced this dress later that evening!

Liz Claiborne High heeled sandals and random bag.

The night before my chem final, I stayed up until 3:30AM to do some last minute review. I took a short break and realized that my desk looked horrible! Hopefully it all paid off!

I need a new banner... the one I currently have looks really bland...

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